Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2010

Winterwetter und Rush Hour am Mainzer Hauptbahnhof / Winter in the city!

Die Stadt Mainz ist derzeit fest in der Hand des kalten und weißen Winters!
Anbei ein paar Szenen vom Winteralltag in der Gegend um den Mainzer Hauptbahnhof.

SkyWatch Friday : The city of Mainz presently is in the hands of a cold and snowy winter weather in Germany. Sky is uniformly light grey all day long. No sun the last three days around here. 
The photos depict some scenes from the areas around the main railway station in the late afternoon after 4:30 pm, when it's getting dark slowly and the rush hour starts. Many busses, trams, taxies and lots of pedestrians are crossing the square in front of the station in dangerously close distance to each other.

Winterliche abendliche Rush Hour um den Mainzer Bahnhof:


J Bar hat gesagt…

Great winter scenes.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Serendipity hat gesagt…

Lovely series

koala hat gesagt…

Great reportage. Really gives the feeling of the city and hard winter.