Montag, 15. Februar 2010

Rosenmontagsumzug! / Rose-Monday carnival parade/ MyWorld

Der erste Teil der Bilder vom Rosenmontagsumzug 2010 in Mainz!

Maybe people are interested to see what is going on right now in the city in Germany where I live. Here is the first part of a series of photos from Rose Monday street carnival parade in the city of Mainz in Germany.

The bad news first: we are having a hard winter this year. It is cold, temperatures were below zero centigrade most of the time since the beginning of January! And we had lots of snow, unbelievable amounts of snow! It is still snowing from time to time, streets in the morning today were white again.

Now the good news: Life is extremely colourful (and loud) these days due to the hightime of carnival season! And the city of Mainz is one of the big centers for carnival (we in Mainz call it "Fassenacht") along the river Rhine.

Today, on Rose-Monday, despite the lousy cold temperatures, about fourhundred thousand people came to see and celebrate the parade in the city! The parade started in a quarter of the city called "Neustadt" at 11:11 and came to an end in another part of the city at about 16:30 in the afternoon. The parade itself had a lenght of approx. 7,5 km lasting almost 3 hours with approx. 10.000 active participants including many music groups (3.500 musicians!) and approx. 150 carnival floats.

With a couple of photos I will try to give you an idea how colurful these days are right now. And in addition, we have lots of music everywhere with many marching bands. Not only today, but we had it in the past days too!

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J Bar hat gesagt…

Terrific carnival shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Sylvia K hat gesagt…

Oh, what a fun and COLORFUL post! I love it! Your photos are fantastic! Almost feel like I've been there! Thanks so much for sharing the fun!! Enjoy!


noel hat gesagt…

aloha, thanks for taking us on this parade, how where's your crazy costume picture?

Jenn hat gesagt…

I love parades, they are just so much fun! And your photos depicts how much fun it was. Love the colorful shots.

Randi hat gesagt…

This is stunning series of photos.
Wonderful and colouful!!!

horst hat gesagt…

ich hasse fasnacht, aber die fotos sind geil...gut gemacht !

Lara Neusiedler hat gesagt…

wunderschoene Bilder!

Peter Molz hat gesagt…

@ all: thank you all for your positive comments!
The colourful (and loud) Carnival in the city of Mainz is a very special experience!
Carnival is over now, but there will be more photos on my blog soon.

@ Horst and Lara Neusiedler: Danke!